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VAWT - made in Ukraine



 Quiet, Safe and Compact, Ukraine VAWT are easy to install and maintain. Their design has been optimized as to minimize impact on the surrounding landscapes.

                                   Product Introduction

Common quantaties of VAWT installed  more then 150 units.


      VAWT  blade                  tower for  DPV TWIN             10 kW DPV



                          THE FIRST  VAWT DPV  TWIN INSTALLED


 Ukraine VAWT is general purpose wind power generators that rivals any other system in terms of noise reduction, durability . Our generators' efficiency is beyond the scope of conventional systems. They are capable of generating electricity regardless of the prevailing wind direction, making it ideal for locations in which the wind direction varies according to the season or the time of day.

A vertical axis type windmill and a power generator make up  DV VERANO, allowing all the heavy equipments including the generator itself to be installed at the foot of the stand, i.e., center of the gravity is lower than other types of wind power generators.

  1. Rotates in a Gentle Breeze, Regardless of the Wind Direction
    SME KB  VERANO-Ko  VAWT begins rotating at a gentle breeze, and it can absorb the energy of the wind from any direction .
  2. Quiet Design
    Ukraine VAWT  has no gears and is equipped with a direct drive system, which keeps power losses minimal and results in quiet operation with almost no mechanical noise. In addition, unlike a propeller-type windmill, the SME KB  VERANO-Ko VAWT does not produce the swishing sound associated with propellers.
  3. We  are using  for blade profile -the most known profile-Zhukovskiy- with 35.6% efficiency

 Now  4 types of  VAWT  are possible for order:


1. VAWT with using one synchronous generator DPG-    model   DPV

2. VAWT  Hybrid with using  VEGA  module-             model  DPV Hybrid

3. VAWT with using 2 generators DPG (  on top and bottom of  wind wheel and  with common  blades)       -                             Model DPV TWIN

4. VAWT Hybrid with  using 2 modules of VEGA and 2 generators DPG -                                                                    model   DPV  TWIN Hybrid


 Principle of working   VAWT DPV  Hybrid


System started  to rotate from 0.17 m/sec as  our regular   VAWT. But

When we   integrate  with  regular VAWT module of VEGA coils with  extra magnets  with rotor and stator of VAWT we  receive the  next  extra  technical parameters, such as:

1. We receive on the wind speed   before 2 m/sec  1.5-2 A  per phase ( 4.5-6 A per 3 phases)

2.  When the wind became more strong we   unite   generator working  with  working of  VEGA coils and receive  common  power on the  exit of the  VAWT   until 70%.

3. We do not use the   thermal resistor  for   turbine braking, we use as  current producer and  braking system our synchronous generator.

When the wind speed become stronger, than the  generator  produce current and  than the VAWT  have the stronger braking . Such inhibition is functionally more naturally, and does not lead to burn energy for braking, and overload of the turbine

 You can installed  with 1 DPV /DPV TWIN more then 4   hydrid units







  As the result  we    transfer  full  energy which we receive from different kinds of  wind speed  into   electricy.


      DPG                                DPV                                                      DPV Hybrid                           DPV TWIN/

                                                                                                                                                              TWIN HYBRID





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VAWT - made in Ukraine
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